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Music is truly a passion for me.  I am a firm believer that music feeds the soul and allows for our deepest range of emotions to be realized, including beauty, sorrow, joy, peace, despair, and love.  You know that tingle you get up your spine when you see or hear something very beautiful or moving?  I call that a soul tingle, in that it feeds that place in us that is closest to our heart and to the essence of our being.  Music feeds our soul.  In our busy lives and in this ever-changing world we never seem to get fed enough.  I once had a professor who stressed the importance of living in a gift economy―a true gift has no meaning if it is not shared.  My goal in composing has always been to lift the hearts and minds of listeners to a higher place, be it spiritually or otherwise, and perhaps even allow them to reconnect with that pure, beautiful, and unique part of themselves.  I have written for many genres, but my love is writing for solo voice and choir.

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